Langosteria Cafè Milano

FOOD INVESTMENT: A few days after revealing the acquisition of a 49 percent stake in the Attico brand, Remo Ruffini’s vehicle Archive Srl said Thursday it has bought 40 percent of Langosteria Holding Srl. The latter includes high-end seafood Milan restaurants Langosteria; Langosteria Bistrot; Langosteria Café Milano, and the seasonal Langosteria Paraggi located on the beach near luxury resort town Portofino at the renowned Bagni Fiore Beach Club.

“Langosteria and its founder Enrico Buonocore are the expression of the determination to constantly seek excellence offering a unique and innovative experience, which are the main drivers of our investments,” said Pietro Ruffini, executive board member of Archive, and son of Remo Ruffini, chairman and chief executive officer of Moncler. “We want to support Langosteria in its growth and international development aiming to express its maximum value.”

“This new company structure is strategic for the international development of the brand, with a gradual plan to open in selected cities outside Italy,” said Buonocore, founder and ceo of Langosteria Holding. “We have found the ideal partner in Archive sharing a common intent, values and entrepreneurial vision.”

Financial details of the investment were not revealed. The operation is in line with Archive’s diversification strategy, stated a note, explaining that the vehicle’s mission is to invest, through the acquisition of minority shareholdings, in companies operating in the ready-to-wear, food and beverage, and hospitality sectors.

Archive is an independent company entirely controlled by Ruffini Partecipazioni Holding, which is controlled by Remo Ruffini, and is Moncler’s main stakeholder.

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