The ad campaign for the RRosé di Rosso rosé wine from Renzo Rosso's Diesel Farm estate.

LET’S TOAST: True to the provocative approach he has charted for his Diesel brand, entrepreneur Renzo Rosso has stated that the first rosé wine he is unveiling from his Diesel Farm’s wine offering is a “genderless” drink.

Dubbed RRosé di Rosso, the wine was developed with the contribution of enologists with different backgrounds, a first for the winemaker. It blends the Pinot Nero, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vine varieties with notes of rose, strawberry and raspberry, among others.

“A wine is usually conceived by the go-to enologist, while for the creation of RRosé we involved experts of different cultures, backgrounds and genders. The result is this very special product, unique and ‘genderless’,” Rosso said.

In addition, as is the case with other wines produced by Diesel Farm, the RRosé di Rosso vineyards are cultivated according to organic and sustainable principles in that the company only sources grapes from the estate, which are then for the most part harvested by hand, and does not employ sprinkler systems.

The wine is the latest addition to the roster of wines that the entrepreneur’s Diesel Farm produces, which include the Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir for bottles of Rosso di Rosso, Bianco di Rosso and Nero di Rosso.

Retailing at 34 euros, it is best paired with raw fish, cheese and vegetables.

The launch is marked by a dedicated ad campaign portraying young models holding their bottles of RRosé di Rosso, meant to portray a sense of self-confidence. “The secret key to freedom is being true to oneself,” Rosso said.

The ad campaign for the RRosè di Rosso rosè wine from Renzo Rosso's Diesel Farm estate.

An image from the ad campaign for the RRosé di Rosso rosé wine from Renzo Rosso’s Diesel Farm estate.  Marco Milillo/Courtesy of Diesel Farm

The founder of Diesel and its parent company OTB Group, which also controls Marni and Maison Margiela, among other brands, bought the 100-hectar estate located in Marostica, near Vicenza, not far from OTB’s headquarters, in 1993, where Rosso also produces extra-virgin olive oil and grappa.

A son of farmers, Rosso believes in caring for and safeguarding the territory. The Diesel Farm is located 300 meters above sea level, and benefits from wind that blows in from the Adriatic Sea and the one descending from the Pre-Alps. Meadows are home to cows, goats, sheep, horses and hens, as well as wild boars, roe deer, squirrels and birds, including falcons.