karl lagerfeld forgotten scrapbook

APPARENTLY HEIRS: The mystery lives on, over a year after the death of Karl Lagerfeld. Who inherited the designer’s fortune? Stirring up interest on the subject, French daily newspaper Le Parisien, named a group of seven people in his inner circle, suggesting they had been listed in his will. 

Adding to the intrigue, tensions have flared up between the heirs, the paper reported, recounting a scenario in which two factions had coalesced around Sébastien Jondeau, his body guard, on the one side, and Baptiste Giabiconi, a model and friend, on the other — while also quoting a member of Lagerfeld’s entourage downplaying tensions, likening any disagreement in his inner circle to family bickering rather than real anger.

The report also names Françoise Caçote, the caretaker of Choupette, the designer’s pampered Burmese cat; Hudson Kroenig, his godson; Brad Kroenig, the father of his godson; Caroline Lebar, his communications director, and Jake Davis, a model and friend. 

Jondeau, who grew up in the Paris suburb of Garges-lès-Gonesse, met Lagerfeld as a 15-year-old working for a family-owned art moving company during his school vacations. He was hired full time in 1997, graduating from bodyguard to personal assistant — and later style-setter — and worked for the designer until his death in February 2019. During the recent coronavirus-induced lockdown in France, Jondeau hosted workouts on the Instagram account of the Karl Lagerfeld brand.

Lagerfeld, who designed for Chanel, Fendi and his namesake label until his death last year, famously collected books by the thousands, and also owned a bookstore, was known, too, for his opulent homes.

Lebar declined to comment. Jondeau, Giabiconi, Caçote, Kroenig and Davis were not reachable for comment.

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