PHILLIPS GOES UNDERCOVER: With his hyper-realistic paintings, “motion portrait” film about Lindsey Lohan and burgeoning photography, Richard Phillips is furthering his artistic portfolio with a fashion gig. The New York-based artist has teamed up with Cover founders Lisa Moore and Robyn Stevens to plant one of his abstract prints on a sleeveless sunshielding shirt. On closer inspection, Phillips handiwork is a close-up of a girl’s legs on a surfboard, a fitting image for Cover which specializes in UPF 50+-treated swimwear and clothing.

He first connected with the two Big D entrepreneurs last fall at TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art in their home city of Dallas, and Moore later paid a visit to his West Chelsea studio. The trio is in the process of choosing a charity that will benefit from sales of the $160 California-made shirt. Phillips is already onto his next project, gearing up for his exhibition next year at Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin.