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Nicole Richie flew into Moscow for the Friday night opening of Kira Plastinina’s new shop-in-shop at Tsum department store — and chaos ensued. The two were enveloped by a mass of photographers so frenzied that they knocked wine glasses out of guests’ hands (though not Plastinina’s; she’s only 16). At least one camera lens was broken in the crush. “She doesn’t act any different to all of us at school,” said Anna Koniuhova, 16, one of Plastinina’s friends from the Anglo-American School of Moscow. The opening of the Kira Plastinina Lublu (“I Love Kira Plastinina”) concession is the latest step in the firm’s global expansion, bankrolled by Plastinina’s father, Sergei Plastinina, a milk and juice magnate. They have stores in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and recently started selling in Los Angeles, New York and other U.S. cities. Richie, dressed in a black and white Plastinina minidress, reminisced about when she was 16. “I was in school, so that took up most of my time,” she said. “What [Kira’s] doing is amazing.” Richie and Plastinina then watched a brief fashion show before a flashing wall of photographers. “I’m in the 11th grade now; I’ve got two years left,” Plastinina said. “When I’m done, I want to study design, I think at Saint Martins in London. But I also think the business side is very important. I have a year to decide, so we’ll see.”

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