bespoke filter River Island in partnership Snapchat

SNAP AND SHARE: River Island teamed with Snapchat to launch “Snap & Share,” a new social media campaign for fall.

The British high street retailer created a series of bespoke branded filters which customers can use when in River Island stores across the U.K. and Ireland.

The first filter features a black-and-white Polaroid camera and branded Polaroids where users can incorporate photos of themselves. It takes its cue from the retailer’s fall ad campaign, featuring Lindsey Wixson in a series of laid-back shots that aim to resemble Polaroids.

The campaign will run until the end of November and during the three-month period new filters will be released on the platform, reflecting key brand and cultural messages.

“When devising a plan for the launch of our new fall campaign, we wanted to explore new innovation and technology, seeking a fresh way for us to connect and engage with River Island customers. We decided to use Snapchat for its mass reach, popularity and ability to cut through to consumers with strong, creative content,” said Josie Roscop, marketing director at River Island, also pointing out that this is the first time a British retailer has used the social platform for marketing purposes.

To encourage consumers to engage with the new campaign, the retailer is also offering customers who share Snapchat images featuring River Island filters the chance to win 1,000 pounds, or $1,308 at current exchange, to spend in stores.

Embracing the digital world has been a priority on the company’s agenda. Earlier this month, River Island revealed the opening of a new office in East London’s Shoreditch area and plans to hire new staff to expand its tech credentials and start building the foundations of a digital business that looks beyond fashion retail.

“We are plugging into something new as we move forward, positioning our thinking and development against the very best in the tech sector. We want to be renowned in the industry as pioneers, seeking out the best people and nurturing talent,” said Ben Lewis, the company’s chief executive officer.