Robert Geller Pintrill

PIN PALS: Robert Geller and Pintrill have teamed up.

Geller worked with Jordan Roschwalb, lead creative and founder of Pintrill, to create two pins based on Geller’s “Immigrant” T-shirt. Proceeds from the pins, which are available today, will benefit the American Civil Liberties Union.

Robert Geller e-mailed us and inquired about doing pins just after his show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, where he wore the “Immigrant” T-shirt. He then came to our office and when we sat down together, we immediately saw there was a great connection and that we can work on something together and actually put forth a message with this collaboration,” Roschwalb said. “Rather than create pins that can hold a moment, we can make pins that can create a moment and have a larger meaning behind them.”

Geller and Roschwalb worked together to design an “Immigrant” pint and a “Sanctuary City” pin. They both retail for $15 and are available exclusively on Pintrill’s e-commerce site. Geller also released “Immigrant” T-shirts on Grailed earlier this year.

Pintrill, which was formed in 2014 and opened a store in Brooklyn in 2016, recently launched a pop-in at GR8 in Japan. Roschwalb said they are also restrategizing the way they release pins for 2018 and will follow a more seasonal schedule by releasing themed collections of pins.

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