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MANPOWER: What do A$AP Rocky and Larry Clark have in common? Aside from featuring in Dior Homme’s latest ad campaign, they were both among the guests at the label’s show Saturday afternoon, along with Robert Pattinson, another of Dior’s faces.

“I’m a 73-year-old model for my first time,” Clark said. “It was fun. I felt like a piece of meat, but it was good, it was painless.”

Clark has just finished working on his movie “Marfa Girl 2,” which he said should be released late this year or early next.

Hopper Penn, attending his first Dior show, plans to continue following in his famous dad Sean’s footsteps. He walked the Cannes red carpet with his father for the first time in May. “That was pretty intense, it was my first time that I was actually part of something there,” he said. His future projects definitely include continuing to act, he said, “but not necessarily walking [the red carpet].”

French actor Pierre Niney, who attended with his partner, the actress Natasha Andrews, is about to start promoting François Ozon’s “Frantz,” out in September. “It’s a movie I particularly love,” he said. He is also shooting Eric Barbier’s adaptation of Romain Gary’s “Promise of Dawn” with Charlotte Gainsbourg, which has involved quite a European tour. “We were in Budapest, then the middle of the desert in Morocco, then Italy, and now we’re going to Belgium. He believed in Europe a lot, Romain Gary.” The day after the Brexit vote, this was a topical comment and a viewpoint Niney shares. “I do believe in Europe, firmly,” he said.

Michael B. Jordan is a man on a mission, meanwhile. The actor is moving into directing and producing, and has a clear aim with his work. “Education is key for youth and the next generation coming up,” he said. “I’m going to focus on the right messaging: keep learning, don’t always believe what is told you.”

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