LUCKY SEVEN: In honor of his 70th birthday, stage designer, director and Watermill Center founder Robert Wilson has created seven chair sculptures with Kartell. Wilson being the visionary that he is, these aren’t any ol’ seats. The American put a lot of thought into the neon-infused, hand-etched pieces, which are billed as “7 Electric chairs… As you like it.” “From the number seven. Seven days of the week. I am 70 years old, seven decades, seven deadly sins and there are many more references in philosophy, mathematics. Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’ contains the seven ages of man, there are seven dwarfs in Snow White and there is the soft drink 7UP. Seven has always been a number that interests me.”


Theatrical as all of that must sound, the transparent polycarbonate chairs are now in La Scala’s foyer through Sept. 30. Seven series of seven pieces will be later sold through art galleries in Milan, New York and other cities.

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