Roberta Einer AW20 Dinner

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Not every designer is taking to the runway this season, with names including Roberta Einer choosing alternative ways to showcase their ideas.

To mark the 10th anniversary of her label, Einer opted for a dinner held at Claridge’s hotel and a special-edition collection photographed by Andrew Vowles. That collection featured 10 new looks, each inspired by a different season from the brand’s past.

Guests at the dinner were all wearing Roberta Einer: The stylist Soki Mak dazzled in a voluminous red minidress, while the likes of Phoebe Lettice-Thompson, Maddi Waterhouse and musician Rainy Milo exuded elegance in sugary pastel ensembles.

“There’s a really big pressure for emerging brands to compete with big megabrands by creating more looks, selling cheaper products and delivering orders to stores earlier,” Einer said.

“I think many of us are realizing that there’s not much longevity in this, and that we need to find a way of working that suits each brand personally and makes us happy overall. It feels quite empowering to be able to take a step back and reconsider the strategy how I want my brand to grow.”

She said Brexit and the environmental crisis were two things on her mind when she created her collection, which was full of sparkle, thanks to a longstanding partnership with Swarovski.

She wanted extravagance for the sake of it — a manifesto that should spark joy among her celebrity fan base, which includes Dua Lipa and Jorja Smith.

The embroidery was done in India, and the production in Italy while she sells internationally, in markets such as South Korea, China, Japan, Italy and the U.S.

“I think high-end fashion especially is about selling a dream. Nobody needs a dress that is 3,000, 4,000 or 2,000 pounds. So I feel when you buy something, or when you wear something, it should feel like a dream. You are stepping into this woman who you are going to be, and I think that should hopefully bring that happiness and a smile,” the designer said.

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