Rocky Barnes Summer & Rose

The phrase “mutually beneficial” is as overused as “influencer” these days, but in the case of FabFitFun’s recent partnership with Rocky Barnes it would seem that both parties are coming out ahead in a recently revealed collaboration.

The two partnered on beach towels, part of FabFitFun’s summer subscription box specifically for the company’s in-house Summer & Rose label. This is the first time the beach-inspired line has worked on new product with a social media starlet in the hopes of bringing consumers to the brand.

“It’s this mutual relationship. It’s fun for us as well,” said Gina Kohler, FabFitFun head of product development. “In a way [Barnes] is bringing this brand to life in a different way, in a new lens. Collaborations open up a whole new customer.”

The towel offering totals five designs with two offered in the company’s summer box, while the remainder will be sold on Summer & Rose’s online shop.

For Barnes, working with brands gives her the ability to try out different design processes and figure out her own next steps in building her personal business.

“From an influencer perspective, I ideally would like to have a line of my own and work with different companies,” Barnes said. “Having different design input helps to kind of build my design résumé. That’s where it’s fun for me to get my vision and hands dirty in the creative process. It’s something that I enjoy, working with different companies.”

Barnes isn’t certain of what category she’d start off with at least initially for her own line, although apparel, she said, would seem a natural first step.

“That is kind of the question of the hour for me,” she said. “I’d ideally like to have an empire like how Martha Stewart and Rachel Zoe cross into fashion and lifestyle and beauty and every aspect of the market. I am interested in all aspects, but I think probably starting something a little bit closer to home.”

As for whether the two would partner again on future FabFitFun box product, that all depends on demand.

“From my point of view here, we’re super thrilled and I think there are definitely opportunities to continue to work with Rocky and I’m hoping that she’s enjoying the experience thus far,” Kohler said. “So I’m very positive that we would want to be coming back [to Barnes] and saying are you interested in this as well.”

Added Barnes: “It’s been a very fun process, so if the people are demanding more, we’ll give them more.”