LONDON PARTY: “I love a girl in heels, I have to admit it,” said David Gandy at the party to celebrate “Roger Vivier,” an ode to the house published by Rizzoli. “I think most guys would agree with me.” The Dolce & Gabbana model wouldn’t admit to having ever worn a pair of stilettos — “They’re hard to find in my size, 11” — but he also said he might be lying.

There was no shortage of heels or Champagne at the Saatchi Gallery, where Roger Vivier creative director Bruno Frisoni was surrounded by a coterie of his fans, including Tali Lennox, Yasmin Mills and Jerry Hall, who especially enjoyed the Kunafa candyfloss prawn with wasabi mayonnaise in the canapé selection.

“This book is not about the past or the present, it’s about Roger Vivier as an entity,” said Frisoni, who said his favorite part of working on the book was an interview with Cate Blanchett when she was in Paris with the Sydney Theatre Company.

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“Made in Chelsea” star Amber Atherton said that her own brand of jewelry, Flash Trash Girl, would soon be sold through a significant high street chain from June. “I’m dying to tell everyone, it’s a big deal, but I have to keep it secret until I get the green light from them.”