Roksanda Ilincic

COLOR FORMS: Art and artists inform every collection that Roksanda Ilincic designs, and over the past few weeks she’s been in her element, curating a selection of paintings, sculptures and mixed media installations to be auctioned as part of Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated sale series in London.

During a walk-through of the to-be-auctioned items, it was clear which ones caught Ilincic’s eye: There was the graphic acrylic-on-plastic painting by Imi Knoebel, with its citrusy shades and pops of pink and burgundy and the Amy Sillman gouache and watercolor on paper with its red color blocks and smudgy puff of smoke.

She picked out some sculptures, too, including an Aleksandra Domanovic hand with a bird perched on the fingertip and an Anthony Caro box-cum-table made with glass, bronze and steel.



Ilincic, who was wearing a long, dark purple silk dress with abstract paint smudges on it, said the curating was a dream project and allowed her to get to know some artists she’d never even heard of. “Aleksandra is from Serbia — like me — and now she’s based in Berlin.”

The designer said she was drawn to the mechanical-looking hand and bird sculpture “because it uses intimate elements in a robotic way. I like that mix of opposites — it’s what I do as well — and it also shows where we are as a culture.”

The hand and bird was perched on a wall above Sherrie Levine’s “Hazel Mirror” in a rectangular maple frame. Looking into it, Ilinicic said the work forces the viewer to question what art is. “Is it a reflection of ourselves?”



The designer also pointed to a work that featured colored tiles and fat knitted balls by the artist Joana Vasconcelos. “I love when women artists can knit with pride because, in the past, knitting wasn’t taken seriously as art — it was domestic work. That myth is now broken.”

The exhibition ends Monday, Nov. 19, with a live auction on the morning of Nov. 20. The online-only auction will run until Nov. 21.

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