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FULL COURT PRESS: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held court at the Barclays Center on Monday night. The couple emerged discreetly just after halftime. They sat at court side and whispered, Will pointing to the players while Kate nodded. Lest anyone wonder where they were seated, the Jumbotron fixated on them as soon as they took their seats. Will awkwardly waved while Kate giggled nervously. (Thank God it wasn’t the kiss cam.) Between the third and fourth quarters, the other royals at the Barclay Center — Jay Z and Beyonce, seated on the opposite side of the court — crossed to say hello. The pair greeted one another with handshakes, Kate and Beyonce chatting and nodding while Jay and Will bro-ed out, Jay putting his hand on Will’s shoulder (perhaps a bit too familiarly for stiff-upper-lipped royalists but, hey, welcome to America). The exchange read like in-laws first being introduced.

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