Ryan Reynolds for Armani Code

PARIS — Ryan Reynolds shared with WWD his thoughts on scents, film and gin after being named the face of the Armani Code fragrance franchise. He will first appear in advertising created with Reed Morano for Code Absolu, the latest addition to the line, out in February.

WWD: How does being the face of a fragrance differ from the other professional roles you’ve had?

Ryan Reynolds: Making the short film with the incredibly talented Reed Morano isn’t too different from working on a full-length film. So in essence, the job was just as much fun, only slightly shorter.

WWD: What drew you to the project?

R.R.: I love Armani. I love the timelessness of the brand. There’s something incredibly cinematic about campaigns like this, and because of that fact it feels like a natural fit.

WWD: What is your relationship to scent: Are you a longtime fragrance lover? If so, can you remember the first scent you wore?

R.R.: Scent is one of the most powerful types of memory. When I was a kid, my dad wore a cologne that’ll never leave my psyche — for both good and bad reasons.

WWD: What do you like in a scent?

R.R.: Scent is important to me. Scents can bring you back instantly to a childhood memory, a relationship, a moment in your life. They bring you back to moments of great transitions, to the moments as you grew up in the world. Scent is a very distinctive stamp. It is part of our psyche.

WWD: What projects are you working on right now in acting?

R.R.: I’m currently shooting a film called “6 Underground” for Netflix.

WWD: Is there a type of acting you’ve never tried but would love to?

R.R.: I’d love to do a proper musical. The problem is I’m not much of a singer.

WWD: What about theater?

R.R.: Hopefully one day. It’s on a list.

WWD: Is there a director you’ve never worked under that would be a dream come true?

R.R.: Reed Morano is someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time and that dream just came true with the Armani Code campaign.

WWD: Your recent ad for Aviation Gin is hilarious. Are you dabbling in other industries besides spirits, as owner of the gin company?

R.R.: I love gin, and owning a world-class gin company has been a dream for a while.