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Stuart Vevers had an important appointment on Feb. 14 at Pier 76 — other than Coach’s fall show, that is.

We’re Instagram best friends,” said 17-year-old Sabrina Carpenter of Vevers. “I’m meeting him for the first time today. We’re both really excited. He sent me the sweetest bouquet of flowers yesterday and I think we’re just secretly Valentines.” At least someone seems to be doing Valentine’s Day right this year.

The singer, who was recently added to Revlon’s roster of celebrity influencers, was attending her first fashion show of the season. “I love Coach and everything that they’ve been doing,” she gushed (naturally). “I’ve gotten to work with them a few times this past year and everything they do is art, so it’s beautiful.”

Nearby, Tavi Gevinson was trying to make sense of the set. “It’s like ‘Wizard of Oz,’ no?” she pondered. “I really like it. Or like ‘Badlands’ or ‘Days of Heaven.'” Or perhaps it was a mélange of the three. She predicted that the collection would be “prairie dresses” based on the set, adding, “but maybe I’ll be totally surprised.”

Just two nights before, Gevinson had attended Miu Miu’s screening of “Carmen,” the latest short film in its Women’s Tales series, directed by Chloë Sevigny. “Carmen Lynch is so funny,” she said. “I didn’t know about her before, which I regret. And I thought [the film] was so beautifully shot and I liked seeing Miu Miu clothes used in that context. The subject matter [Lynch] was dealing with combined with a Peter Pan collared dress was really funny to me.”

As the room began to fill, Drew Barrymore got tied up doing video interviews while Selena Gomez discreetly made her way over to Anna Wintour. The Instagram queen documented her experience the way she knows best.