Saks Fifth Avenue

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Saks Fifth Avenue will boost its ongoing commitment to mental health through a multifaceted campaign aimed at engaging its community in mental health activities both in-store and online during the month of May.

Saks will host an interactive mental health activation at its New York flagship, share tools and tips to promote mental wellbeing across its digital channels and seek to raise funds for mental health nonprofit organizations through the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation.

“This year, we felt it was more important than ever to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month and provide resources and programs to our customers and communities,” said Emily Essner, chief marketing officer at Saks. “We are excited to take action through this multifaceted campaign and further the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation’s mission to make mental health a priority in every community.”

Mental health awareness continues to be a critical initiative, particularly during COVID-19. Last August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 40 percent of adults in the U.S. reported struggling with mental health or substance use during late June 2020 in association with the COVID-19 pandemic.

From today through May 11, customers can visit an “Intention Garden” on the second floor of the Saks New York flagship and set a mental health intention, write their intent on a wooden stake and plant it in the “Intention Garden.” Additionally, visitors can write a postcard to someone who has supported their mental health journey. Completed postcards will be stamped and mailed by Saks.

Saks sent a gift box to influencers and friends to encourage them to set their mental health intentions for the month. The kit included a seed pager where recipients can write down their mental health intention, plant it with the materials and pot provided, and watch their intention grow into wildflowers.

In May, Saks will introduce Mental Health Awareness Month by highlighting influencers unboxing their “Let It Go and Let It Grow” kits and planting their mental health intentions on the @Saks Instagram account.

For the month of May, Saks will share mental health resources through editorial content on, featuring expertise from nonprofit partners of the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation including Bring Change to Mind, the Trevor Project, Girls Inc. and Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry. These partner organizations will share tips on how to think about mental health and actions to take to promote positive mental wellbeing.

In addition, customers will be able to further support Mental Health Awareness Month throughout May by donating to the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation on



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