POWERING UP: Ambassador Samantha Power had a rapt audience at tonight’s Fortune Most Powerful Women dinner in New York. Aside from telling the crowd that President Obama is someone she can really engage with, Power said, ” You can never work too hard on Syria given the scale of devestation.”

While tomorrow’s order of business will be horrors in North Korea, she also alluded to the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Asked if our next president will be a woman, Power said, “I certainly hope so. I have somebody in mind. I don’t know about everybody else.”

“She’d be formidable. Having been part of President Obama’s campaign and they had a very much hard fought campaign and I was very much a part of those hard fights unfortunately. Having watched her lead this country and represent the United States, the good she can do just by getting off a plane, I just can’t begin to find words to capture that. She just brings such rigor and reflection to everything she touches from the domestic agenda, to kids and empowering women to some of the hardest core national security concerns. She’s a great champion for our interests and our values and I haven’t even said her name so I’m not crossing any linds. She’d be awesome.”

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