Scandinavian Man x Pitti Uomo 94

A NEW MAN: The biannual magazine and fashion platform Scandinavian Man is looking to enhance its online presence with the launch of an e-commerce channel in January. The publication, which made its debut in 2017, is aiming to propel Nordic men’s fashion and lifestyle to the forefront of the men’s international style scene.

Following a series of talks during Pitti Uomo 94, a showroom exhibition in New York and a photography project with H&M, which made three times the expected sales; cofounder and ceo Jonas Bergström and cofounder and editor in chief Konrad Olsson felt that expending into e-commerce would boost the awareness of Nordic labels such as Filippa K., Sand Copenhagen, Norwegian Rain and Tretorn.

“Men’s wear is booming, over the past 10 years there has been an unprecedented rise of awareness when it comes to men’s style through social media, street style photography and online shopping,” said Olsson.

He believes that men are more receptive to online shopping than women are: “Guys are more prone to making decisions in the comfort of their own home, rather than in a dressing room and when they make decisions they do it very thoroughly. They want to know about the brand, what they stand for and who else is wearing them.”

The e-commerce channel will be split into verticals that reflect the Scandinavian man’s lifestyle, such as a tailoring and suiting category and an outdoors section, to mirror their editorial curation.

While the name suggests that the brand markets exclusively to men in the Scandinavian regions, co-founders Jonas Bergstrom and Konrad Olsson, believe that the Scandinavian man can be anyone, “whether it’s a Japanese or an American man,” so long as he values equality, innovation, sustainability and has a love for nature.

“We launched a week after the news of Harvey Weinstein broke and we started questioning what masculinity means. Our platform and our products are for the man who we believe embodies this new masculinity,” said Bergström.

Bergström and Olsson want to promote “conscious consumption over mass consumption,” and brands that will be featured on their e-commerce platform must be in line with their sustainability parameters, which the company is still refining.

To tie in with their sustainability goals, the e-commerce platform is slated to follow a marketplace model, to eliminate excess product inventory.

The plan on not holding any stock and using their new platform to facilitate the transaction between the customer and the brand.

“Scandinavia is having a moment right now, all across the globe we are known for our innovations, our design sensibility and our forward thinking work with equality and with Scandinavian Man, we enforce these values,” said Bergström.