Scooter Braun

NO SNOW JOB: Last weekend’s snowy conditions in Park City didn’t stop “Me too” movement founder Tarana Burke, Gloria Allred, Weight Watchers’ Mindy Grossman and Bumble Bizz’s Sara and Erin Foster and other honorees from making their way to the “49 Remarkable Women + One Really Cool Dude” event.

Organized by Creative Playground with Chef Dance, the gathering coincided with the Sundance Film Festival. SB Projects founder Scooter Braun was the only male honoree and his wife Yael Cohen Braun, Motherlucker founder and F–k Cancer cofounder, was also saluted. But it wasn’t his talent with Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen or Psy that made him a winner with organizers. Braun made the cut for his philanthropic efforts like the Ariana Grande-led “One Love Manchester” benefit concert and the “Hand in Hand” hurricane relief telethon.

Creative Playground cofounder Dari Marder said, “Originally our goal was to just get a roomful of powerful, inspiring women trailblazers and leaders in all different fields — in business, arts, entertainment, social justice and philanthropy — to make connections, see what happens and start brainstorming. But then Marder decided there should also be a spotlight shone on “one of the good guys and someone who is doing it right. That was Scooter Braun to me. He had such a big year.”

Braun told the crowd how he was there because of powerful women like his mother and also his wife Yael. All of the female honorees left with a $1,000 Ramy Brook gift card and a handwritten congratulatory note from Ramy Sharp. The designer was also an honoree though she wasn’t able to attend the Mimi Krum-orchestrated dinner. “We thought that would be a great way to connect with them, appreciate them and in some cases introduce our brand to them.” Sharp said Monday.

The designer singled out Diane von Furstenberg and Donna Karan as role models. “I remember going to Saks Fifth Avenue when Diane relaunched her wrap dress in the early Nineties. The one I bought was brown and white and it had her signature. I just found that so thrilling. CBS News was there. It was such a big deal.” Sharp said. “I just really like Diane as a person, as a philanthropist, as a mother and a woman in the workforce. I just admire her so much. And I have the same admiration and passion for Donna Karan as well. Of course, on a personal note, my own mother has always been a big influence for me. She raised three girls, worked full-time, sewed our clothes, was into fashion and was able to somehow do it all while making it look easy.”

Plans are already underway to coordinate an event near Father’s Day — “49 Incredible Men + One Really Cool Woman.” “We held Scooter up as our inaugural cool guy. But we said, ‘There are a lot of other incredible guys doing remarkable things out there and supporting women. We want to celebrate them as well.’”

Weight Watchers, Refinery 29 and Embermine served as marketing sponsors for last weekend’s event.