REBEL REBEL: James Dean and Martin Scorsese proved to be the perfect pair for Valentine’s Day in Berlin. The busy director was in town Friday to introduce the premiere of the newly restored “Rebel Without A Cause,” the iconic 1955 film directed by Nicholas Ray, starting Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo.

Scorsese, who earlier in the day presented a preview of his documentary-in-progress about The New York Review of Books, described the impact of seeing the film as a 13-year-old when it was released shortly after Dean’s death. “There we were, and it was speaking directly to us, the teenagers, the adolescents. It was like a secret language that existed in the film,” he recalled.  “Seeing it for the first time was overwhelming. Seeing the restoration for the first time was also overwhelming.”

The restoration of “Rebel Without A Cause,” which took several years, is the latest in the collaboration between Gucci and The Film Foundation, which was founded by Martin Scorsese. Together, the partners have restored nine films, including Federici Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” and John Cassavetes’ “A Woman Under the Influence;” another is currently underway.  Warner Brothers joined the project in a key role to help fund the restoration of “Rebel.”

Robert Triefus, chief marketing officer of Gucci, noted, “The mission we have as a brand is to help restore iconic films, that generations who’ve not had the opportunity to see these films can actually enjoy.” Triefus said the movie still inspires designers today. “It’s sort of a fashion moment, isn’t it, the whole film?” he remarked. 

After the screening, which took place as part of the Berlin International Film Festival, Harper’s Bazaar Germany hosted a soiree in the bar at luxury hotel Das Stue. Guests including architect David Chipperfeld, director Fatih Akin, actresses Martina Gedeck and Hannah Herzsprung, curator Nadine Barth, and fashion designer Dietrich Emter were on hand to celebrate the film and toast it with the “Rebel Cocktail,” a mix of vodka, ginger ale, lime, and cucumber.

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