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MINI ME: Brooklyn jewelry label Scosha is branching out with a new line of children’s accessories called Little Scosha. The label’s founder and designer Scosha Woolridge conceptualized the idea after becoming inspired by her two children. The miniature jewelry range takes design cues from Woolridge’s adult line, and is comprised of precious metal cuffs and diminutive friendship-type strand bracelets, strung with tiny charms for an additional fee.

“You can’t help but become inspired by your children and want to decorate them in colorful things. My son was always putting things on his wrists probably trying to copy me, and since our classic braided bracelets are adjustable I put one on him every so often,” Woolridge said of the concept.

Bracelets in the ‘Little’ line will begin at $24, and charms will run at between $20 and $40 each. Woolridge has also created a miniature version of her precious metal cuffs, with a sterling silver version retailing for $130 and a ten-karat gold iteration for $990. The design is adjustable, and fits children from birth up to 14 years old.

All designs will be available for purchase this May at Scosha’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn store.