Screenshop, an app that seamlessly converts any screen shot on a phone into a digital fashion store by letting users tag shoppable items, is launching a new feature: Share Your Screenshot. It’s the app’s first step toward becoming social by allowing users to share Instagram posts by posting them to Screenshop’s Discover page.

Screenshop is also introducing “a customer compensation program, enabling all of our users to become influencers and to monetize the fashion curation they share with our community,” a spokeswoman said.

Uber-influencer Kim Kardashian West, who has more than 110 million Instagram followers, was an early adopter of Screenshop and an adviser to the company. The social media personality on Wednesday announced a contest on behalf of Screenshop, which will give $100 every day to the users who share the most screenshots on Discover.

When the feature bowed as a test in February, it quickly became users’ favorite daily shopping location, according to Screenshop, which said consumers who browse other users’ favorite looks are more likely to shop through the app’s proprietary visual shopping experience.

Since February, more than 17.5 million screenshots have been browsed by users through Discover resulting in “hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of purchases for our brand partners,” a spokeswoman said.

In addition to identifying shoppable items, Share Your Screenshot can create custom catalogues with a variety of prices. Women’s, men’s and recently added children’s styles can be tapped by users who are redirected to an online store.

“Don’t be that Instagrammer who never tells anyone where their outfits are from, help make the world a trendier place by allowing users to shop your style,” is the app’s marketing message. By multiplying the number of looks that can be discovered, the feature gives users an even larger variety of products and price points.

The spokeswoman said that more user-submitted content translates into a better browsing experience for customers and more revenue for Screenshot’s partners. “We’re monetizing the Discover section through our brand partners who are paying for featured ad placement,” the spokeswoman said.

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