Tara Barwick

SEEING DOUBLE: Upon entering the Kate Spade New York show Friday morning at the New York Public Library, there was someone who appeared to be Nicola Glass, the brand’s new creative director. After being greeted, though, the truth emerged:  “I’m not Nicola. I’m her identical twin sister,” said Tara Barwick, a radiologist who works in London. She said they’re frequently confused with each other, and while studying at the University of Edinburgh (in separate programs on different parts of campus pursuing completely different degrees), they would enjoy playing tricks on their friends who thought they knew them, but actually didn’t. When discussing the faux pas with Mary Beech, Kate Spade’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Beech revealed that Anna Bakst, chief executive officer of Kate Spade, is also an identical twin, but Bakst’s twin didn’t attend Friday’s show.


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