Braid Bar's new campaign featuring Lila Moss

CONTROVERSIAL BEGINNINGS: The Braid Bar, a hair braiding service located at Selfridges’ Beauty Workshop, is facing backlash on social media after publishing a preview of its latest campaign featuring Lila Grace Moss, Kate Moss’ daughter, and Stella Jones, daughter of The Clash musician Mick Jones.

The campaign, which was meant to introduce new styles from The Braid Bar’s summer menu, was criticized for its lack of diversity and respect for black culture, given that the hair styles it’s promoting are drawn from black culture.

The campaign shows Moss wearing braces and a gray sweatshirt with The Braid Bar logo, her hair styled in multiple braids with colorful purple extensions.

Following the social media criticism, the Braid Bar issued a statement on its web site apologizing for its lack of cultural sensitivity and expressing its commitment to changing its approach and refreshing its ideas.

“It has come to our attention that we have not given enough consideration to the cultures that we have drawn from in creating The Braid Bar, particularly black culture. Having been naive, our eyes are now open to issues that we were not so aware of when we first started,” the statement said.

“The Braid Bar is a welcoming and fun place for people of all races, genders and ethnicities. We are going to ensure that this ethos is reflected in everything we do, and post, from now on. We understand that it is our responsibility as a company with a broad social media following to teach and spread the knowledge of where these ideas and practices originally come from. Particularly now, in a world that needs to be united more than ever.”

Since the apology was issued, the company went on to post an image of Janet Jackson in braids on its Instagram account, as well as a new campaign image featuring a black model wearing a new style from its upcoming summer menu.

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