Super Sharp Reloaded at Selfridges

JUNGLE FEVER: U.K. drum and bass duo Chase & Status has partnered with Reebok and Selfridges on an installation that spotlights jungle music’s rave culture, and to mark the duo’s 15th anniversary. The installation will be erected on Aug. 9 and sit on the third floor in the Women’s Designer Studio.

Tilted “Super Sharp Reloaded,” the installation draws inspiration from jungle music and its influence on fashion, which rose to its pinnacle in the mid- to late Nineties. According to Saul Milton of Chase & Status, “the queue [to get into the raves] served as the runway,” and the installation will highlight the fashion that originated from the rave scene.

To accompany the installation, a special soundtrack influenced by the Nineties sound will be playing in the background.

The installation comes on the heels of Chase & Status’ “Super Sharp” exhibition from last February. Presented in collaboration with London College of Fashion, the exhibition examined jungle music’s obsession with — and reappropriation of — Italian luxury garments.

“The Nineties designer label trend was all about wearing your wealth, showing other people how much money you had. In times of economic insecurity, the wearing of flashy designer labels is a rebellious statement,” said Tory Turk, who curated “Super Sharp” and who is also working on “Reloaded.”

At Selfridges, Milton will display his personal collection of vintage Moschino items. Vintage sellers such as Wavey Garms, Jazzy Badger, Serotonin Vintage and Nothing Special, will also show and sell their items from the era.

“Super Sharp at Selfridges celebrates jungle culture and educates a new audience on the music and fashion of that time, one that is now influencing a new subculture of vintage designer enthusiasts,” Turk said.