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RUSH HOUR: SEMrush, the search engine marketing-solutions provider, crunched data of global consumer traffic to the top fashion e-commerce web sites and found that half of the visitors are from the U.S., while 10 percent hail from Russia and about 8 percent from the U.K. And when the firm looked at when consumers searched for nearby fashion retailers, December had the highest traffic. Additionally, SEMrush found that the top searches for nearby retailers included Macy’s, Foot Locker, DSW, Nordstrom, Zara and the Gap. The latest data follows an earlier report from the firm that found the most-searched fashion item was a “white dress.”

In a separate e-commerce trends report from SEMrush, the firm noted that direct traffic to web sites garners the largest portion of e-commerce traffic, while mobile continues to gain more share. Meanwhile, desktop traffic “prevails for all the industries analyzed in the study.” Researchers at the firm revealed that e-commerce firms need to improve their ability to facilitate consumer reviews as it remains the most popular search engine results pages, or SERP. The company’s analysis was based on 8,000 of the most trafficked global e-commerce sites. And the report examined traffic patterns, marketing, ad size, promotions and the emotional triggers of e-commerce marketing efforts.

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