BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Serkan Cura’s feathery couture collections are eye-catching and photogenic, but there is one problem: “For the moment, you can’t sit in them,” the 32-year-old designer confesses.


This is about to change.


Speaking to WWD at the opening of a photo exhibition dedicated to his creations at Barclays’ headquarters in Paris, Cura allowed he’s been “so focused on ideas and technique, that it’s been more show than red carpet.”


“It’s time to move towards the customer and take the brand to the next level,” he said. “No more carnival, just couture.”


At the photo exhibit, which runs through April 11, Claudia Cardinale gave Cura her seal of approval. “Nice job,” the actress exclaimed, upon inspecting a creation made of red pheasant feathers.  Actresses Louise Monot and Frédérique Bel also attended the opening night last Thursday.


The Belgian designer of Turkish descent revealed his upcoming collection would focus on iridescent birds. “35,000 peacock feathers for the main look,” he smiled.


Cura, who bought the 100-year-old stock of Maison Février, the legendary French supplier of exotic feathers to the likes of Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich, applies up to twenty pounds of plumes on one outfit, which can take him up to three months to make.


Paradise bird, heron and little egret feathers are glued together via a special formula which the designer invented while still studying at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, making the ensembles particularly robust — a fact also appreciated by Victoria’s Secret, for which he creates some of the lingerie specialist’s eccentric runway creations.


A new jewelry line expected to launch in July is also in the works.

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