A community worker makes a phone call to dispense daily necessities to local residents at Tanhualin community in Wuchang District in Wuhan.

LONDON — The upcoming fashion weeks in Beijing and Shanghai will both be postponed, WWD has learned, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Shanghai Fashion Week was supposed to start March 26, and Beijing’s China Fashion Week originally to run from March 25 to 31.

No new dates have been revealed, as designers, trade show owners, fashion week committees and the local governments have not yet been able to agree on a time slot that would still make sense for brands to sell and be safe for the government to approve.

Most of China has gone back to work on Monday after a Lunar New Year holiday that was extended due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many fear that the increased traveling could bring a second wave of cases. The death toll from the epidemic has risen to 908, with 40,171 confirmed cases as of Feb. 9.

In recent years Shanghai Fashion Week has risen to become one of the most powerful regional fashion weeks with a big talent pool and strong Chinese spending. It hosts the biggest fashion trade fair in Asia. More than 1,700 brands participated in seven of the official showroom and trade show events last season.

Meanwhile, Beijing’s China Fashion Week aspires to attract young designers and gain international appeal to make itself more relevant to the global fashion community.

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