The scene at Shinola's party.

Shinola celebrated the release of its new women’s jewelry collection in a revelatory way — surrounded by women.

The launch event was held at Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan’s new female-only clubby workspace, The Wing. A co-working environment and programming mecca for trailblazing, self-identifying women, not even Shinola’s male public relations associate was admitted attendance. The affair was strictly ladies only.

“The idea of launching this in a space for women, to me, just seems so wonderful,” said Pamela Love, Shinola’s creative partner who designed the collection.

“Women are [now] buying [jewelry] for themselves, and it’s really important to speak to what we think she wants rather than what a man thinks she wants,” Love added.

The Wing opened three weeks ago — featuring rosy midcentury furniture and light fixtures, an in-house café serviced by Chinatown watering hole Dimes, and a designated primping room lined with vanity mirrors. Founding members are understood to have paid $1,600 for their initial year of membership. All new members are vetted by Gelman, Kassan and The Wing team.

“[Events and programming] are a huge part of it. People don’t go to church anymore, at least people I know — so there was such a huge need for community spaces, places where people can meet people they wouldn’t otherwise get to know,” Gelman said of The Wing’s concept.

Though there is one loophole in The Wing’s gender crusade. As is typical of many new spaces in New York, The Wing has had to place numerous calls to a plumber — a male plumber — in its infancy.

Gelman conceded: “We definitely had our plumber come a few times, it was pretty crucial. But we are on the lookout for a female plumber, so if any readers of Women’s Wear know of one, please be in touch.”