Antisocial Social Club exclusive for Frenzy

Frenzy. The name says it all.

Shopify’s flash sales app on Saturday marks its first drop zone event in the U.S. with the release of an exclusive sweatshirt from Antisocial Social Club at Elysian Park. The item will retail for $88.88.

The app in March launched its first drop zone in Canada — a shopping event available only to consumers within a certain geographic location — with the Yeezy Boost 350 Zebra, which drew about 500 people. Frenzy has since worked with brands such as Love Your Melon, Raised by Wolves and Off the Hook. Friday marks the first time the app is trying its hand at the U.S. market.

Consumers who want to purchase something will need the app and Apple Pay. They’ll have to follow Frenzy on social media to see the specifics on the drop zone. The sale then unlocks in the app and the shopper’s thumbprint is used to make a purchase.

The exclusivity factor of how Frenzy works — the requirement of being somewhere physically in order to nab a piece of product — lends itself well to fashion streetwear brands, a hot market segment at the moment that’s managed to oftentimes command lines out the door at the latest drop of a limited edition item. That’s why Frenzy is now ready to expand into the U.S. with a focus on streetwear and later cosmetics. It also sees potential in events and ticketing.

“We’ve seen this trend happening across the industry where people are doing these new, forward-thinking product releases that people have never seen before,” said Frenzy cocreator of product and product manager Tucker Schreiber, who pointed to the dedicated following of fans sometimes camping out on sidewalks just to be first to a drop. “[Frenzy] fit in quite nicely with this trend that we saw emerging out of the streetwear and sneaker culture.”

Frenzy, with the focus thus far being primarily on streetwear, has attracted a user base of males in the 16- to 28-year-old range. The app’s users are generally interested in the latest technology and are social media-savvy, Schreiber added.

Shopify is pitching Frenzy to brands or retailers as a way to more easily connect with their consumers in a slightly different way. For the retailer who may not have a physical presence, Frenzy could serve as one avenue of dabbling with an in-real-life experience that’s not just another physical store.

“We’re really excited about what the future of Frenzy looks like,” Schreiber said. “We’ve really only scratched the surface of blurring the lines of what physical retail and digital retail looks like.”

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