SHOPKICK BOOSTS CROSS-PLATFORM CONSUMPTION: Location-based shopping app Shopkick has released an iPad app to boost the interactive shopping experience for window shopping at home across mobile devices. Users can browse content from Shopkick’s “lookbooks” and accrue Shopkick’s rewards currency at home on their iPad.

More importantly, the iPad app is the precursor to the next stage of shopping in multiscreen environments that start from home and end at the cash register in stores.

While Cyriac Roeding, chief executive officer, didn’t say what is the timeline for new feature rollouts, he did note that the company is “working toward integrating discovery, payment, loyalty, promotions in one app across mobile platforms.”

Forrester Research predicts that in 2013, the Web will influence $1.3 trillion dollars of in-store sales, or more than five times the $230 billion that is expected to be spent online this year. In addition, data shows that shoppers are spending 127 minutes each day on a mobile device, versus 70 minutes a day on the web.