The Connaught Christmas tree designed by Tracey Emin

HOLIDAY MODE: London designers hosted a slew of parties at their respective boutiques on Mount Street to mark the start of the holiday season.

“I love Christmas,” said Christopher Kane, who hosted the party with Atelier Swarovski. “I love New Years’. I love new beginnings. I’ve always been a big fan of sweeping it all under the carpet and moving on.”

“Being Scottish, we’ve always had big family Christmases,” he added. “So it’s very nostalgic and sad, but at the same time it’s looking to the bright future. Holidays…buying too many presents… getting too many. I love it.” The Scottish designer — who celebrated with a few family members at his store — said he’s excited to head home and spend time with family.

For Simone Rocha, the holidays are about family and downtime. “I’m really looking forward to the holidays,” she said. “I’m going back to Ireland for a very low key family vibe.”

“Holidays for me, is family time,” said Huishan Zhang. “I spend it with friends, family and people who mean a lot to you.” The designer plans to spend Christmas in China, but will head back to London to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Meanwhile, artist Tracey Emin — who designed The Connaught Christmas tree — was on hand to help Mount Street flip the switch on the holiday lights. The tree features a poem written by Emin for her mother in pink neon.

The mood in the neighborhood was festive indeed. The Connaught hosted carolers and provided cotton candy, roasted peanuts, mulled wine and mince pies. There were outdoor stalls on the road serving mulled wine or freshly roasted chestnuts. A Scottish piper played bagpipes in front of Pringle of Scotland, while a live band played upbeat tunes across the road from the Christopher Kane store.

A Scottish piper in front of Pringle of Scotland

A Scottish piper in front of Pringle of Scotland.  Courtesy Photo