WATERWORLD: British rock band The Horrors, an avant-garde dance troupe and rock offspring Lizzy Jagger and Jethro Cave braved a wet and slippery stage for the annual “Milano Loves Fashion” event, which was broadcast live on satellite television channel Sky Uno Friday night.


The centerpiece was an open-air C’N’C fashion show in front of the city’s cathedral that drew fewer-than-expected locals given the driving rain and a leaky awning over the spectacle. “We took our time with the whole pacing,” a grinning Jagger said after walking in the show. From there, she was flying back to London to star in a documentary with popular Australian artist and TV presenter Rolf Harris.


“He’s painting a portrait of me while talking about his life. He’s been on the BBC since 1953. Isn’t that amazing?” she marveled. Cave, meanwhile, has just completed an as-yet-untitled film with Isabelle Huppert, which he hopes will premiere at the Cannes film festival next May. “I play an opium-smoking decadent English lord,” he revealed.

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