GOOD WORKS: “There’s so much that goes on in the company that’s not to do with clothes, like photography or objects or collaborations,” said Sir Paul Smith during a press briefing about his upcoming exhibit at the Design Museum in London. “Some of these designers think the fashion show is the main event twice a year — and it’s not. It’s just part of the process. Designing the clothes, making them, at the correct price, delivering them on time, selling them to a shop that sells them and keeping good press and getting publicity is all a part of the process.”

“Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith” will run from Nov. 15 through March 9 and highlight the designer’s modest beginnings with a small shop in Nottingham; his personal archived collections; the different stages of design and production processes, and his inspirations. The museum will also re-create Smith’s office, which is famously stuffed with art and photography books and a curiosity shop of items that he’s acquired over the years from fans around the world.

To coincide with the exhibition, Smith will release his book “Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith (Rizzoli),” in conjunction with the Design Museum. The book will delve into the brand’s history, collaborations and collections, and will feature never-before-seen pictures.

“The idea is that every day is a new beginning and that young people in this troubled world can actually go away and have goose bumps and think ‘I can do that.’ And that’s the whole point of the exhibition,” said Smith. “It’s to encourage. Start from humble beginnings and do good things.”

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