SKIN CARE: L’Oreal-owned SkinCeuticals has tapped Rebecca Minkoff, Sean Avery, Padma Lakshmi, Jeannine Morris, Derek Blasberg and Annabelle Dexter-Jones to raise awareness about melanoma prevention. A short video that features the group and launches May 1 on and YouTube discusses the benefits of early detection and promotes SkinCeutical’s program to sponsor free full-body skin cancer checks at select dermatologists. For every view of the video, which is running concurrently with Melanoma Awareness Month, SkinCeuticals is donating $1 to the organization Melanoma Research Alliance. “I’ve had a surprising number of friends affected by melanoma. This is a serious disease that truly warrants more attention. If one person who watches this video gets their skin checked, I feel that I have made a difference,” said Minkoff.