Local Supply's limited-edition sunglasses for the McCarren Hotel & Pool.

McCARREN SUITS UP FOR SUMMER: Discerning guests can buy furniture similar to what they find in their rooms in select hotels, and now visitors at the McCarren Hotel & Pool can purchase the summer staples staffers are wearing at its Williamsburg location.

For its attire for bellhops, lobby staff and pool attendants, the McCarren has lined up polarized sunglasses by Australian brand Local Supply, Slate & Stone shirts and shorts, and Keds canvas sneakers. By the first-floor pool, employees are wearing Slate & Stone’s just-launched swimwear. Guests, who didn’t bother to pack a swimsuit can run into the McCarren shop to buy one. There they will also find a smattering of Slate & Stone products.

The McCarren’s “cool, modern and kind of laid-back” aesthetic appealed to Slate & Stone’s director of public relations and marketing, Kyle Schaffler. With distribution in 200 stores worldwide, the fact that the four-year-old label is still “on the cusp and is not a huge major corporation” was a selling point with [Ronny] Baroody, Schaffler said.

The New York-based brand will soon be testing the waters, so to speak, by launching a women’s apparel capsule collection this fall. Creative director Jeffrey Jacobs is initially designing 12 to 15 styles that will include a $498 wool biker jacket and a $248 lightweight puffer jacket. Slate & Stone will roll out a full women’s collection in the spring.

Visitors at the McCarren can buy Local Supply’s $75 limited-edition black matte shades, accented with the hotel’s trademark cyan blue color, in the hotel’s boutique. To simplify shopping, the hotel is considering selling the shades in the minibars of the rooms.

The alliance with Local Supply was a year in the making, according to Ronny Baroody, the hotel’s director of events and partnerships, who liked the fact that the label didn’t have a major presence in the U.S. While the McCarren isn’t selling Keds in its boutique, the look is very much “on brand” for the hotel and for the Williamsburg crowd. Keds’ upcoming centennial, on July 14, was another winning point, he said.

While Baroody hasn’t yet finalized what’s next for these brands, he plans to maintain the hotel’s ties with them. “It’s not going to be just for the summer,” he said.

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