A look from Lunya's Cool Collection

Los Angeles based, direct-to-consumer sleepwear brand Lunya continues to push the fabric innovation envelope with its new Cool collection, which launches online and in its shop-able Santa Monica, Calif. showroom this week. The Pima cotton separates are woven with TransDry and XT2 fibers which dry up to three times faster as regular cotton (traditional cotton absorbs quickly and retain 20 to 40 percent more moisture than synthetic fabric, but many women prefer to sleep in natural fiber pieces).

The company, launched in 2014 by former VC and media exec Ashley Merrill, 34, is based on women’s needs and wants – natural fiber, functional, fashionable sleepwear – and works backwards, reinventing the category with innovative design, quality and fabrics. For example, it’s Restore collection is designed with Pima cotton that’s engineered to use the body’s natural heat and redistribute it evenly. Merrill said the brand has seen a demand from customers on how to remain cool overnight; the launch is especially well-timed to the nationwide heat waves.

A look from Lunya's Cool Collection

A look from Lunya’s Cool Collection  Courtesy Image

The first launch group, made up of the Cool Muscle Tee, Short, Romper, Fitted Tee and Everybody Tee (ranging from $68 to $178) aims to help women sleep cooler and drier. TransDry helps to move moisture across a greater surface area of the body, stopping it from pooling in unwanted places. The XT2 fibers utilize the antimicrobial properties of silver to stop odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi that consumes sweat and cause odors. The pieces look and feel like regular Pima cotton with a microstripe woven into the fabric and come in black, white, grey and mint green.

Like all of Lunya’s collections – Luxe (washable silk), Restore and Intimates – Cool is a basics collection that comes in a range of neutral colors that merchandise with all groups.

“Our story isn’t ‘newness,’ it’s best-in-class pieces that you love and buy in all colors. Not having to create new styles constantly allows us to optimize the pieces more,” said Merrill, point out such details and seamless inner linings on sleep shorts, pockets on most pieces that fit iPhone 7s, and double layers on some pieces that allow for more opacity and hide flaws.

“I noticed that people were filling the ‘wear at home’ gap with ath-leisure, but then their needs would change again when it was time to sleep, so the collection is designed for a whole home experience.”

The company was formed with friends and family funding, but it’s growing on pace with plan and Merrill has plans to open Lunya’s first permanent stand-alone brick and mortar store in Soho soon (the same neighborhood where they launched with a pop-up shop). Like the Santa Monica headquarters/store/event space, it will be a destination for existing customers, who value things like free and easy parking as well as desirable locales.

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