Izod Campaign Aaron Rodgers

Izod has tapped “Saturday Night Live” cast member and head writer Colin Jost and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to appear in its fall advertising campaign. The PVH Corp.-owned brand partnered with Jost on the script development for the spots, which poke fun at traditional men’s wear advertising. One 60-second spot, for example, features a pick-up football game with the MVP-winning quarterback with voiceovers from Jost.

“We set out to develop a spot that would make Izod consumers do a double-take, while also letting them know we’re in on the joke,” said Mike Kelly, chief marketing officer of heritage marketing and chief innovation officer for PVH.

“I liked the idea of doing an ad that was self-aware and that made fun of all the weird tropes from fashion commercials,” Jost said. “I know fans will appreciate the humor Colin and I brought to the field, and may even be surprised by my lesser-known ‘off-the-field talents’ shown in these spots,” Rodgers added.

The ads will debut today and will air on national and local television stations as well as digitally.