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DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT: As if Etam’s annual lingerie and swimwear extravaganza wasn’t hot enough, the show in Paris received powerful backup from rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg on Tuesday night.

Sporting a pair of raw jeans matched with an après-ski cardigan (which humbly read “born fly” in the back), the Dogg got the crowd ecstatic with a rendition of his 1993 hit track “Who Am I?”

Natalia Vodianova was eager to catch every angle with her cell phone camera, as the Dogg descended on to the catwalk, hopping like a pro to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” under a shower of soap bubbles.

The sight made it tough for French rapper Joey Starr to sit tight in his front row seat.

Fresh off the big screen, Starr said he would devote himself more to music this year. He will be touring France’s full summer festival calendar with a new album, teasingly called “Caribbean Dandy.”

“Yeah, I know, even I find [the title] intimidating,” grinned Starr, dressed in a knitted blazer plus vest plus T-shirt and denim pants. (This must be a thing among gangstas.) The album is slated for release in early summer.

As the runway set kept changing its decor in tune with the collection’s multi-themed lineup (it ranged from “Fifty Shades of Grey” to sweet lollipop dolls), film director Gaspar Noé had nothing but love on his mind. He said he was shooting a ménage à trois in 3D (no word pun intended), revealing the movie’s title to be — quite simply — “Love.”

“Though there is a lot of sex involved, as well,” he added quickly.

The Sing Sings, Lilly Wood and The Prick, The Avener and Major Lazer featuring singer Mø, who pulled off a hell of a tribal dance to match the Native American-inspired part of Etam’s collection, completed the night’s musical lineup.

Frédérique Bel, meanwhile, revealed there would be a sequel to “Serial (Bad) Weddings,” following the French comedy’s international success. In France alone, the parody, which mocks a French Catholic couple, whose four daughters all marry men of different religious and cultural backgrounds to their parents’ grief and sorrow, sold 12 million tickets.

“The screenwriter, who is also the film’s director, is working on it right now. We are so proud; we are all [contributing ideas],” said Bel, labeling the film as “healthy medicine,” as France is recovering form the shock of January’s terror attacks.

Gilles Lellouche, Aymeline Valade, Virginie Courtin and Malgosia Bela were also on the show’s eclectic guest list.

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