BRIEF ENCOUNTER: Young, eager, iPhone-wielding fans queued outside of Manhattan’s Paris Theatre on Tuesday night for the Louis Vuitton-, Vanity Fair- and A24-hosted premiere of Sofia Coppola’s latest film, “Bling Ring,” waiting for a glimpse of Emma Watson and other stars. Steven Tyler’s inconspicuous arrival — and intentional dodge of the press line — caused a delayed frenzy, while James Murphy, Terry Richardson, Mickey Sumner and Nikolai Fraiture stopped to pose for photos. Watson’s appearance on the red carpet was tardy — and brief. Claire Julien, who plays another of the film’s celeb-obsessed teenage thieves, spoke about navigating social media in light of her newfound fame. “It’s kind of a new issue that we’re all dealing with,” she said. “I find that it’s really easy to become too caught up in the social media, too obsessed, to think it means more than it really does. It’s really important for us to ground ourselves and spend time with people face to face. Human interaction is what’s necessary.”

Coppola, too, remains characteristically detached from social media.

“I haven’t opened that can of worms,” she said. “It was fun to have all that in the movie, but it’s not something I know so much about.”

Later, at the after party at the Jane Hotel, Kim Gordon, who chatted at length with Coppola near the bar, had a different line of thought.

“[‘Bling Ring’] goes into the archive of great L.A. movies along with Brian De Palma’s ‘Body Double,’” she said. “I think that a lot of the [celebrity obsession] drives Los Angeles. The city that people gravitate towards following the setting sun in the west symbolizes death.” Lady Gaga’s hit single “Paparazzi” blaring in the background felt oddly apropos.