IRIS IN FOCUS: Iris van Herpen is known for creating fantastical, sometimes ominous worlds with her fashion. But at Saturday’s Berlin event featuring the Dutch designer, the feeling was almost cozy. As part of Soho House’s international  “An evening with…” series, the club’s Berlin location hosted van Herpen for a dinner and talk moderated by niche fashion magazine StyleZeitgeist founder Eugene Rabkin.


Rabkin lead her through an illustrated conversation about her continued creative aesthetic, use of 3D printing, collaborations with Bjork, Nick Knight, and Benjamin Millepied, and a host of architects and artists, as well as a recent stint editing A Magazine.  They also touched on van Herpen’s move from couture into ready-to-wear, the reverse, Rabkin pointed out, of what most people do. 

“More and more, I don’t really care about the words couture or ready-to-wear so much. For me, it’s really about creation. I really hope to bring the gap between the two together,” she said, explaining that one of her goals was to bring the customized fit of couture to a larger audience, possibly through 3D printing or another technique.

Van Herpen also spoke about the eye-opening art installation that graced last month’s Paris ready to wear show “Biopiracy,” which featured women shrink-wrapped in suspended plastic sacks.  Not one to shy away from an experience, she too got into the bag.  “It was actually really relaxing, I felt I could sleep in there,” she laughed.

On hand for the evening, organized by the city’s Bureau Haiati, an agency for fashion and events, were assorted local creatives, including Don’t Shoot the Messengers designer Jen Gilpin, Sandra von Mayer-Myrtenhain of 032c magazine and Kaya Sorhaindo, founder of Six Scents Parfums and creative director of the upcoming Folie à Plusieurs fragrance project.

After the dinner and conversation, select guests retreated to Soho House’s Loft apartment/party space for more drinks and a madcap game of Foosball (aka Table Football).

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