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BRIGHTMAN’S BIG LAUNCH: Apparently preparing for a 10-day spaceflight to the International Space Space Station requires having o your own mission patch. Soprano Sarah Brightman is far from the typical cosmonaut but she has been training in Star City, Russia for her intergalactic trip with the Russian Federal Space Agency. Through a trip organized by Space Adventures Ltd., the 52-year-old musician has been cramming Russian language classes and wilderness survival skill courses. And today in London she unveiled her mission patch, which features a female to try to magnify the potential of women succeeding in the male-dominated fields of science and technology.

Brightman aims to become the first international artist to perform in space. She has collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber on a new song to celebrate her space flight. “I live with the thought of this travel every second of my life. I wake up with it, I go to sleep with it, I dream of it. I cannot believe this is happening.” she said. “…and if possible, I want others to take inspiration from my journey and chase their own dreams.”

Working with the Challenger Center and NASA, she will help launch an educational program that will involve students creating videos using lyrics from one of her songs. Their videos will be posted online for public viewing and voting and the top entries will be used to create a mash-up music video. After the video premiere, students at Challenger Learning Centers in the U.K. and the U.S. will have a chance to chat with Sarah when she is aboard the ISSS. The event will be streamed online. Brightman is also a UNESCO artist for peace ambassador.

The flight is scheduled to launch Sept. 1

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