The 37.3 carat Raj Pink diamond

THINK PINK: Sotheby’s plans to auction the world’s largest fancy, intense pink diamond in a sale that could set a new record.

Named the Raj Pink by an owner who wished to remain anonymous, the 37.3-carat pink diamond is the largest known gem of its kind and will be the centerpiece of the auction house’s jewelry sale on Nov. 15 at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Geneva.

Sotheby’s broke the world record price for a fancy intense pink diamond seven years ago with a 24.78 carat jewel, the Graff Pink, that sold for $46.16 million.

The Gemological Institute of America certified the Raj Pink, which is on a world tour that includes London, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New York. The institute said it was rare for a diamond to show a “strong, unmodified pink color…particularly at so considerable a weight.”

While Sotheby’s estimated the gem at between $20 million and $30 million, Tobias Kormind, managing director of London-based diamond seller 77 Diamonds, said it would likely be the most expensive intense pink diamond to sell at an auction.

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