A Soulcycle fitness class in session.

The ath-leisure trend of 2016 is still going strong and one of the originators of the wear-your-gym-clothes-to-brunch ethos is staking further claim into the category with a new collaboration.

SoulCycle, the cult indoor cycling studio is debuting its latest apparel collection with Free City on Dec. 9. The 10-piece collection includes zip-up hoodies in cool washed, long-sleeved shirts with graphic detail, two muscle tanks, both cropped and regular sweatpants, and a hooded silver anorak with fake fur detail. Pricing starts at $68 for the tank and goes up to $385 for the coat on soul-cycle.com.

This is the first-time SoulCycle has partnered with Free City. SoulCycle tapped into the burgeoning workout culture, and began building out its apparel business three years ago with an eponymous line. The line is incredibly popular among its riders. The firm has previously collaborated with Ramy Brook, Shopbop, Milly by Michelle Smith and the CFDA. Earlier this year, the fitness firm partnered with Target on a 10-city tour featuring three-day weekend events taught by certified SoulCycle instructors. The Target collaboration also included a Target x SoulCycle pop-up shop with specialized merch.

The company is expanding in several directions. In September, SoulCycle launched its first-ever men’s fitness apparel line. Interestingly, this fall, the company took another novel approach, partnering with wedding gift registry firm, Zola, by allowing couples to register for packs of workouts in cities across the U.S.. The packs range from $540 to $780. The most fit couples of all may register for the ne plus ultra of fitness gifts: a $2,200 lemon-yellow SoulCycle bike.


SoulCycle x Free City

A long-sleeved shirt with text from the new SoulCycle x Free City collaboration. 


SoulCycle x Free City

A sweatshirt with SoulCycle skull and crossbones icon from the SoulCycle x Free City collection. 

SoulCycle x Free City sweatshirt

A pullover sweatshirt from the SoulCycle x Free City line. 


SoulCycle x Free City coat

An anorak with fake fur trim on the hood from the SoulCycle x Free City collection.