Sperry's new campaign.

Sperry is looking to widen its audience and rope in a new generation of consumers.

The Top-Sider specialist brand has launched a campaign titled “Preppy for All,” aimed at talking up the preppy lifestyle and how it applies across various cultures and demographics.

The campaign will play out digitally as well as in print form. Sperry president Thomas Kennedy noted that Sperry sales had softened slightly in 2017, and the company sees this campaign as a maneuver to jump-start growth.

Kennedy said that the campaign is particularly geared at consumers between the ages of 17 and 30.

“Our goal is to be inclusive. When we did a lot of focus groups on the brand, we found the core attributes around being preppy were being active in the community and extroverted and activity-based, so when we conceptualized the campaign we looked at this to consider how we can be more relevant to the consumer today,” said the executive.

The idea is to continue Sperry’s role as a lifelong staple for consumers. “When I look at Sperry, most people have their first pair because their parents bought it for them and then we are re-engaging the consumer as a self-purchaser in their 20s,” Kennedy said.

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