There are VIPs and then there’s Brangelina. At the “Inglourious Basterds” after-party in Cannes on Wednesday night, the couple spent the evening cordoned off from the Baoli Beach mob by a red rope– and a formidable wall of muscle men. “Tarantino in the housssse,” boomed the night’s DJ, Jack E, turning up the base as the man in question joined the crush on the dance floor, alongside Harvey Weinstein, who sponsored the event along with Universal and Belstaff. On a buzz from seeing the film for the first time, leading lady Diane Kruger admitted she had found the gory parts hard to stomach. “I was like that,” she said, covering her eyes.


Christoph Waltz, the biggest baddie in the movie, spent the night shaking hands with the film’s first fans. “It hit me like a bomb, you won’t get even near to understanding what the film is about before you’ve watched it over and over,” he grinned. Standing out among a sea of tuxedos, a T-shirted James Blunt explained he’d just landed from Heathrow following a mammoth tour. “I’m ready for a holiday,” he sighed. “Taking Woodstock” actor Emile Hirsch has other plans. While lighting up a ciggy, he said that after the Cannes hoopla is over he’ll be training for a marathon.