State Bags' "Why We Kneel" campaign.

State Bags, an accessories brand with a give-back model, has today launched its newest charitable initiative inspired by athlete Colin Kaepernick’s famous defiance within the NFL.

The campaign, titled #WhatDoWeTellTheKids: WhyWeKneel is the latest installment of State’s aim to aid in social education programs for children. This particular campaign focuses on local athletics and law enforcement, aiming to bridge a gap between the two.

The brand has photographed and conducted interviews with athletic coaches as well as former NYPD and Marine Corps officers to examine both sides of the argument for kneeling, while also parsing the politics, social actions and public issues of our time.

State Bags has built out a web site with content dedicated to these issues and has also made a donation to Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids to mark its launch.

State cofounder Scot Tatelman said of the initiative in a statement: “As our business has grown, so has our platform and responsibility in using it to shed light on social issues and injustices that impact marginalized populations. Our newest #WhatDoWeTellTheKids project, ‘Why We Kneel’ shares the often lost narrative around Colin Kaepernick by featuring coaches, former NYPD and Marine Corps officers in communities most affected by the issues Kaepernick has brought to light. What are they telling their kids…and what are their kids telling them?”