“I’m here for the J. Lindeberg show,” said one decked out William Rast show-goer.

“Do you mean William Rast?” asked a p.r. intern at the door at Roseland on Sunday night.

“Maybe that’s one of the designer’s names? I don’t know, but I’m here for J. Lindeberg,” said the guest.

It seemed the crowd was confused all around. Press with scheduled interviews with Justin Timberlake before the show were shooed away with a “Justin isn’t feeling up to interviews.” Meanwhile, publicists kicked random people out of front row seats to make room for the editors due to sit there. Then, as rumors swirled about whether Timberlake would be performing at the end of the show, he clearly chose not to.

One hopeful publicist on the scene said, “Maybe he will perform during the after-party?”

Unhappy attendees sat patiently until they were directed to the bar area for food (from Timberlake’s Upper East Side restaurant, Southern Hospitality).  Although the refreshments were fine, many guests chose to leave early.

“At least he could have done one song,” grumbled one departing editor.

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