Stefano Tonchi'Halston' film screening, New York, USA - 22 May 2019

TONCHI’S NEW PROJECT: Stefano Tonchi may have left as editor of W in June, but Milan Fashion Week continues to be an unmissable event. Spotted at all the top fashion shows in Milan this week and asked about the reason for his presence in town and his future projects, Tonchi said he is developing “a consulting practice that helps companies with an incredible history and vocabulary of values that are not finding a way to communicate to a new generation, to give meaning to words like diversity and sustainability that translate those traditional values.”

Sustainability, Tonchi contended, does not have the same meaning in the U.S. and to a century-old company that works in the luxury business. “Sustainability is not about recycling and putting together a group of cutout denim. It’s a much larger process, I think it’s the idea of consuming less and better, that’s what should really be the message from a luxury brand,” Tonchi explained. He is targeting “companies with a strong heritage” globally. Asked if his suggestions are being met with interest, Tonchi was positive. “There is interest, many companies are keen to add a cultural meaning and message to their products. There are so many products that are similar and so what makes the difference is the meaning and how to resonate with the younger generation who is more sensitive to the message than to just the idea of quality and luxury in the old traditional way.”

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